Mine Monero

cmd: BDmine_monero
kbd: Shift+Pause

Every time you want to donate hash rate to Split Linux, simply lock the screen using Shift+Pause.

To start donating from the command line, command BDmine_monero without any arguments.

If you want to mine to your own account run BDmine_monero providing a handle of your choosing and a wallet address as arguments. Example:

$ BDmine_monero mary 847vSaDnoiFehRQLwfnETRiEQwPWxzWWyeJtw6o3k1DUTvrfD2DCoHUKjpZ7Ui1PoQ5JcbdcEcpVcAiQYDA2Vyda8EsAbzX

If the handle is already associated with a different wallet address, the miner will exit with a message indicating this.

After the command ran successfully once, handle and address are linked and you can leave out the wallet address on future invocations.

Note: The miner will only be able to connect if a working default network route for the internet connection is active (check ip route).



Activating hugepages is crucial for efficient mining. Use Split Linux Overrides to persistently define vm.number_hugepages=1280 in /etc/sysctl.conf.

CPU threads

The amount of CPU threads used defaults to the amount of processing units available. On a typical system, the amount of units available equals the amount of CPU cores.

Set the environment variable BEAST_MINER_THREADS to override the value, ideally in ~/.xinitrc.d/50-custom.sh as export BEAST_MINER_THREADS=<number>.