About This Handbook

Documenting Split and The Beast Desktop has just begun.

It is one of the most time-consuming parts. If you want to help, look at any yet-undocumented script and describe it's function for inclusion in this manual.

A local copy of this handbook, in several formats, can be installed via the splitlinux-docs package and accessed from the /usr/share/doc/splitlinux/ directory structure.

The purpose of this document is to explain how to setup, configure, and use Split Linux systems.

To search for a particular term within the Handbook, select the 'magnifying glass' icon, or press 's'.

Example Commands

Examples in this guide may have snippets of commands to be run in your shell. When you see these, any line beginning with $ is run as your normal user. Lines beginning with # are run as root. After either of these lines, there may be example output from the command.


Some examples include text with placeholders. Placeholders indicate where you should substitute the appropriate information. For example:

# ln -s /etc/sv/<service_name> /var/service/

This means you need to substitute the text <service_name> with the actual service name.