Both, Split and The Beast Desktop are developed in the spare time of user kevcrumb. While I develop the former to support your privacy and sovereignty, the latter is meant to allow maximum speed and efficacy for your daily computer use.


Split is as stable as its parent, Void Linux. It can function as your daily driver.

It extends the Void Linux Live disk with functionality to setup and manage LXC containers that are used to start graphical interfaces, simultanously, on separate TTYs.

Every container gets separate Tor circuits to the outside world, which prevents the TTYs from being correlated to one another. Thus, in a Split context, the containers are referred to as "identities".


Beast builds on dwm, the window manager that is so stable, it rarely gets updates. It doesn't need them.

Beast aims to give you the best tool for each job and hands you scripts for optimized workflows. A handful of these scripts are already included. Hundreds more are ready and waiting to pass quality-control. They will be hand-selected and added as time permits.

A Note About Development

Development will typically happen in bursts, depending on my personal schedule. Expect periods of several months without new features being added to Split or Beast.

But don't worry: In case of Split you do not need the newest packages - it mostly provides the Kernel for your identities - and in Beast you will be using Void Linux packages directly anyway.